Monday, December 24, 2012

Past due Sheep Shed update

I am so far behind on updating LaVern's blog.  The Sheep Shed turned out so great that I am ready to move in and live in it!!  These pictures are from the first "outing" at a flea market/antique show that I do twice a year in Sparks, KS.   The shed was the hit of the show.  Don't know how many thousands walked through but I should have counted.  AND the requests of:  "Will he build one to sell?".  lol  And yes, this is a trailer and mobile!!  Difficult to get gas and get pulled out right away as people were coming over to see what it was!   LaVern has a few small things to finish.  He just recently insulated the ceiling and put up wainscoting.  I'd probably rather have had the beams show but in a hot sun.........that tin roof is warm.  The interior walls are all insulated.  The trailer is empty now so I will try to get some inside pictures of the old barn board walls and old pine flooring.  Enjoy

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