Monday, December 24, 2012

Past due Sheep Shed update

I am so far behind on updating LaVern's blog.  The Sheep Shed turned out so great that I am ready to move in and live in it!!  These pictures are from the first "outing" at a flea market/antique show that I do twice a year in Sparks, KS.   The shed was the hit of the show.  Don't know how many thousands walked through but I should have counted.  AND the requests of:  "Will he build one to sell?".  lol  And yes, this is a trailer and mobile!!  Difficult to get gas and get pulled out right away as people were coming over to see what it was!   LaVern has a few small things to finish.  He just recently insulated the ceiling and put up wainscoting.  I'd probably rather have had the beams show but in a hot sun.........that tin roof is warm.  The interior walls are all insulated.  The trailer is empty now so I will try to get some inside pictures of the old barn board walls and old pine flooring.  Enjoy

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sheep Shed update

The Sheep Shed is progressing slowly.  It has been hot here so by the time LaVern is home from work he can't work on the trailer as the barn is just too hot.  He is sure busy on the weekends working on it however.  I think I blogged about this on my other blog but for those of you new to this one we are building a trailer to use at antique shows.  I call it Sheep Shed and the exterior will be rusted tin siding.  The doors and windows were rescued from other buildings as well as the pine floor.  The inside will be the same, old rescued barn wood.  I guess the front and rear exterior are also from wood.  The design is similar to the old vardos or gypsy wagons.  When we aren't using it for shows we can empty it and throw camping gear in it and go camping in it!!  LaVern should be back in the "swing of trailers" when he gets this one done and then will get back to the vintage trailers he has waiting to be restored!   All the cross pieces you see pictured are where the holes are in the tin on the outside!  lol  Wanted to use the same holes and get them covered up!  lol  I'll post more pictures as we go!  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1950's Unknown trailer

We made a trip back to western Nebraska this past weekend, taking LaVern's mother home. About 30 miles west of where she lives is a tiny town and this trailer has been sitting there for years. LaVern spied it about 4 years ago but could never find out who owned it. We drove through the town on the way back and it was gone! I thought that would be the end but as we were nearing where his mother lives, low and behold, there was the trailer sitting behind a house. LaVern immediately pulled in and the end result is that we bought the trailer! lol Have no idea what we have yet but pretty sure it is a 1950s era trailer. We were excited because it has all the original windows, cabinets AND seafoam green stove and ice box! Oh yeah. Love. It appears pretty solid so we are thinking it is deserving of a tear down to the frame and rebuild. That only makes 4 that he can work on now. A disease that is what this is! lol If any of you trailer enthusiaists know what this is, PLEASE drop us a line. These vintage trailers are like antiques.........if you see something you like you better buy it as you may not find another. I'd just like one finished so we can go camping! :-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Curtis Wright 1948

Yes, we paid money for this! lol We are so excited to have this one and once restored he (?) will remain with us. This will be another project to say the least. It was painted and then mostly stripped on the exterior. Interior has multiple layers of paint. No idea the original color but I am guessing it was maybe a pale yellow. Original windows front and rear but not the sides. We pulled it home from Kansas and had to stop and put the straps on the inside so it wouldn't completely fall apart. Once home and LaVern tore up the floor he just stood there and shook his head. Could NOT believe we got it home by towing it! lol If you want to follow us along I will try to keep pictures of the progress on this blog. We have a 1946 teardrop, all original and this is built the same way. Wish we had the interior metal cabinets, etc but alas, no luck. But, still pleased to even find this. (Please pray for LaVern............(and patience for me)............he is going to need it)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Hobbyline is sold and will be making it's way to California! Watch in the future for the 1958 Siesta, currently torn down to the frame! Thank you for all your interest.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009


As of Friday, June 12th.......listed on Ebay! Don't miss the opportunity to own this great little vintage trailer!